Camera not working after insterting SD card


I’d like to get some help. Later I bought a Kami outdoor camera and now I wanted to add SD card in it. So I bought a Samsung micro sd class 10 Evo plus. When I pull in the SD card the camera stops working, after removing it works… and lits in blue . Formatting was done for FAT32.

Thank you in advance

Hey @butky Thanks for your patience. How is this issue going?

I recommend giving this a read:

Do you have another SD card you can try out?

Thanks, I ordered one and it works perfectly. After several formatting the Samsung cards are working as well.

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Thanks for the update @butky

I have the same issue with my cameras. When i insert sd card into my camera its stop working and the strong blue light turn into bright blue light. Camera reset doesnt help, class of my cards is 10. Now i have 3 of them wchih doesnt work. One had broke a few days ago, ealier works fine couple months with sd card but some day stop working. Two of them doesnt work with sd card since the beggining.

Hey @Nashi That is a bummer. I am really sorry to hear that your having issues with your SD cards. Please go to They will help get you back on track. It may be the cameras need to be replaced.