Camera not recording to SD card

Hi, I wonder if anyone can help me?

My garden is detached from my house, well out of reach of my wifi signal. I’ve just bought a Kami outdoor wireless camera for the garden, thinking that I’d be able to record solely to an SD card, but it doesn’t seem to be recording anything?

Here’s what I’ve done…

  1. Installed the app,
  2. Created an account
  3. Logged in and connected the camera (which works live, and sends me occasional 6 second clips)
  4. Taken the camera down the garden and left it overnight,
  5. Retrieved the camera the next day.

All I get on the card is a ‘record’ folder with no files and a wakeup.log.

Can anyone shed any light on why it’s not working for me? The card is obviously formatted properly, and the batteries are fully charged, but even if I do a manic dance in front of the camera, it doesn’t pick up anything. I’ve bought it to film my chicken coop, so there should be loads of PIR movement detected.

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Hello. From what I’m reading your camera is not attached to your internet network? If that’s correct then your camera will not record. They need access all the time as IP cameras to a working internet connection.

When you set the camera up and received the six seconds alerts it sounds like it was in range of your wifi and therefore would work.

Thanks, but my understanding is that it’s supposed to record to the SD card when wireless is interrupted?

If my WiFi goes down there isn’t any recording for the period offline

As @Brian supports. I don’t have any recording facility if there is no network connection.

I’m interested to learn why you thought there was? Did you get incorrect advice before you bought?

Thanks, but I’ve just rewatched the Kami promotional video on the Currys website, and a minute and 43 seconds in it says “If your internet connection is down, the SD storage option will save your precious footage on the card”.

That’s why I figured I could connect the camera to wifi at the house, then expected it to save to the card when the connection dropped down the garden.

Here’s the Currys link…

Ok thanks for advising where you saw it.

@Steven_Kami - any thoughts on this?

Thanks YorkshireUser

I’ve still not managed to find an answer to my problem, does anyone else have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @derbyreject thanks for your patience. Apologies for the delay. This is one requires the whole team to weigh in,

This is correct, if wifi signal is interrupted, the camera should still record to wifi. This seems to be a bug. We apologize for any inconvenience, I wanted to let all know that we have escalated this ticket with our engineering team and I will be in touch with more details.

Let me know if you have any questions