Camera move controller stop to work after few days

I notice that in all my 2 YI Camera IP 1080p, if I try to move the lens from the App (Android in my case) it stop to work after few days.
The only way is to unglug from the power and connect again, after this the movement back to work for other few days and stop again…

All the CAM have the latest FW and a good Wi-fi connection.


wifi power 60% and 66%

I have the two CAM from about 4 years and this problem start about 6/8 mounth ago, before the movement always work.

Is a bug of the APP??

Hi, we apologize for any issue you might be having! Could you send details of what you are experiencing to our customer support at We’ll get you up and running.

Hi Sarah,
all information that I have is already in the first post.

the contact page go to a chat bot or here at the comunity forum.

how I can fix the problem?

Hi Sarah,
do you have any news for me?

please give me support

any alive???
How I can fix this problem??