Camera does not want to reset


I have 2 YI camera that I am having issue to reset
1080 p indoor
1080p Dome indoor

Both are blinking in blue and orange. when I press the reset button nothing is happening. I do not hear < Reset successful > at any time. I have tried to put the firmware on the SD card but it does not change anything. Did that already happen to one of you ? any tips or idea ?


Hello @pilsner08, sorry to hear about the issue with the camera.
Have you tried doing the software update through the YI Home application?

I cannot as I cannot discover the device to add it into the application

The devices are blinking in blue and orange but I cannot put them in mode reset or waiting to connect

Please try restarting the Wi-Fi router or use a different network. Also, try to use a different set of cables and adapter also try out a different outlet.