Camera disconnected from app


Very odd but I returned home and noticed when I checked my YI kami app ( dome home camera) that the camera had been completely uninstalled from the app and I could not see it on my phone. My account details were still on the app but no camera. I reinstalled it again and connected to Wi-Fi but it seems odd. We have a pet at home who often triggers movement and I receive an alert when I get home which I find reassuring but the internet must have gone down as nothing was recorded after 9am. I noticed the camera was on but it was no longer connected to the app! After reinstalling I then received an automated email from YI home congratulating me for adding my first camera! It’s odd as if had been connected for over one year until now. Can anyone advise? Thanks

We apologize for this experience. We would need to speak with you to better understand the problem you encountered. Please contact us at so we can help resolve this issue. Thank you.

I have contacted the address you requested and have not had a response to this issue. Can someone please assist