Camea dome 1080p not say waiting to connect

When I turn on my dome 1080p camera it says “welcome to yi home, waiting to connect” and then orange led blinking.

It doesn’t scan qr code, and not say again " waiting to connect". Just blinking orange led.

I reset it several time. But nothing happens.
Please help me.
Thank you


@hadi_nikpanah When the yellow or orange light is blinking this indicates the device waiting to pair with WiFi. It sounds like after you tried to pair the camera, the “Waiting to Connect” voice prompt may have timed out. When you use a reset pin or paper clip in the reset hole of the camera for 3-5 seconds, does the camera not reset and say, “Waiting to Connect” again?

Hi. Thank you for reply.
When I use reset pin in the reset hole, camera says “reset is successfull”. After a few seconds, camera says, " welcome to yi home, waiting to connect". And yellow led start blinking. And never says anything. When my camera worked correctly, it said “waiting to connect” repeatedly, and then scanned qr code. But now, it says “waiting to connect” once and doesn’t scan qr Code.


@hadi_nikpanah Please contact our customer support at to further address this issue. Reference ticket # 437257.

Hello, I have exactly the same problem but with the Yi Home Camera 1080p. As much as I reset it, it never says anything.

I have sent several emails to support that respond to me with the automatic response of wait for a response in 24H. That has been over a week and nothing.

Hi @Michael thank you for joining the forum. I apologize for the delayed response from our customer support team. We have been hiring and training more support staff to deal with the higher than normal amount of inquires we have been receiving. Please be assured that the team will get back to you. If you don’t hear back by next week please do let me know.

Ok, I hope they give a solution, at the moment I am very unhappy with the product and with the non-existent customer service. Thanks

Definitely understandable given your situation. Apologies again and hopefully we can resolve this soon.

Hello, what was the solution to this problem? I have the exact same issue. 1080p dome says waiting to connect only one and stay blinking. I tried to manually reinstall the firmware but it doesn’t work either.

Hi @Eric thanks for joining the forum. Do you mind providing some more information about your issue. Was the camera working ok in the past? Or is this a new camera out of the box?

Here are a couple of articles from our help center that might provide some use.

Hi, sure.
It’s a YI Dome 1080p. The camera has been working fine for several months until a few days ago when it started loosing connection constantly (led blinking in orange, then steady, then blue and so on) So I reset it and after that if never recognized the QR code. As described above, it boots, says “welcome to yi home, waiting to connect” only once and that is it. The led keeps blinking.
BTW, I also have 2 YI Home 720p and 2 YI Home 2 that are perfectly working.
Thank you

Ok, so I after countless reboots I got it reading the QR code and was able to pair it but now I’m back to the original issue. It lose connection every a few minutes and it gets connected again.

Hi Eric, thanks for the update. I just sent you a private message to get your contact details.

Is there a solution to this problem? i have the exact same issue with a yi dome 1080p, does anyone has the answer?

Hello could you explain what is your exact issue and did your camera ever work correctly.

There are a number of helpful guides here did you try running through them? For example it may take multiple resets of the camera to clear the issue.

If your camera was working fine, what happened for it to require reset - was it losing connection? Could you not connect to it via the app? Can you remember the error message you received?

Any changes to your environment? Any changes to your network? If this just happened could your ISP have made any changes?

Please note when questions like these are asked no assumption is made. It is simply to try to diagnose the issue and try to find a solution.