Camea dome 1080p not say waiting to connect

When I turn on my dome 1080p camera it says “welcome to yi home, waiting to connect” and then orange led blinking.

It doesn’t scan qr code, and not say again " waiting to connect". Just blinking orange led.

I reset it several time. But nothing happens.
Please help me.
Thank you


@hadi_nikpanah When the yellow or orange light is blinking this indicates the device waiting to pair with WiFi. It sounds like after you tried to pair the camera, the “Waiting to Connect” voice prompt may have timed out. When you use a reset pin or paper clip in the reset hole of the camera for 3-5 seconds, does the camera not reset and say, “Waiting to Connect” again?

Hi. Thank you for reply.
When I use reset pin in the reset hole, camera says “reset is successfull”. After a few seconds, camera says, " welcome to yi home, waiting to connect". And yellow led start blinking. And never says anything. When my camera worked correctly, it said “waiting to connect” repeatedly, and then scanned qr code. But now, it says “waiting to connect” once and doesn’t scan qr Code.


@hadi_nikpanah Please contact our customer support at to further address this issue. Reference ticket # 437257.