Cam set up keeps disappearing from my account / app

App continues to logout every since and then and when I reconnect / login the camera setup is gone, making the whole thing useless (I have 5 camera setup).
The only way to solve it is to reset and pair again all cameras, that is extremely (!) difficult being 600 miles away.
Before I throw it everything away and sue YI, is there any way of solving this?

Hi @madgiu I’m very sorry to hear that you have lost access to your cameras. I’m guessing you are encountering the issue described in this thread?

If that is the case and you have updated to the latest version of the YI Home app (Version 4.3.19) please try the follow steps.

1 - Restart your phone
2 - Open the app and log out
3 - Pick your region again and login again

If you still cannot see your cameras after trying these you will need to reset and re-pair your cameras. Is there anyone back home that could pair the cameras for you?

We sincerely apologize for the frustration caused by this issue.

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Yes, unfortunately it’s exactly the same problem.
Now, I accept your apologies, but I will also accept a full refund of all my cameras plus a compensation for the problem and the relative stress you are causing.
This is a real problem for me (and I guess for the others), ‘cause I’m now 600 miles away from my cameras / home and I can’t access them. More, I’m getting motion detection notifications, so something is happening and I can’t see / know what is happening.
You understand that this is a clear mistake on your side. If your developers are not good enough to break backwards compatibility everytime they release a new version of the app - that is the only one that can access the cameras - it’s not my problem, it’s yours. The app IS part of the product you sell (can’t function without) and it does not function properly.
I have 5 cameras, as you can see from my account, paid at full list price.
I ask the full reimbursement for them plus a compensation for the stress you are causing me.
Let me know how can I give you my details for the money transfer (no voucher will be accepted, thanks).
My very best,

Hi @madgiu I have sent you a private message to get some contact details. I will create a support ticket for you, however I cannot guarantee that your request will be accepted by our claims department. Apologies again for the stress and inconvenience.

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