Beta Windows PC App

I’m available to test those apps and IBM also available in the future for Mac’s version

Hi @AR64SH! Definitely! Feel free to try them out and let us know how it works out for you! We always appreciate the feedback so we can make any necessary improvements! And thank you, we’ll let you know as soon as we have a Mac version available for testing!

Perfect! Now I can finally use the camera I bought with my PC on a bigger screen.
Looking at the phone app is too small.

I’m missing the ability to rewind and view old footage on the microSD card on the Kami Outdoor Camera. It works on the phone app, but not on the PC.
Please add the feature to rewind and view old recorded footage.
Please add intercom feature, too. It’ll be important when you release your door bell.


@ShocWave Great! Thank you for your feedback!

Hopefully Yi not left Mac (apple) users.
I even can’t download the app from Apple store because I’m from Indonesia :indonesia:

Please add a option to shut off the automatic pause… If I don’t touch the app for 30 minutes it pops up. I need to view cameras 24 hours a day without having to unpause the screens. Thank you for your time and help. This is for the Yi Windows PC Beta

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agree with this feature! very useful

Any chance you can add more than 4 cameras on one screen? We have 8 cameras that are used and have to use a 3rd party app on windows to show all 8 cameras. Can you please add a 8 camera view on 1 screen. We really like the Yi beta version for windows. Thank you for your time and help.

Maybe if you run the Yi app and Kami app side by side you can have 8 on the screen, lol.
The cameras should work on either app.

@ShocWave @Baylee yes, you can see up to 9 cameras on the screen! Here is how to do it :point_down:

First, make sure all the cameras are online.

  1. Open and log into the PC app.
  2. Under All Cameras, click on “Live Feed Group”.
  3. Under choose your viewing experience, select “9-camera feed”. Click OK.
  4. Click the circle next to the camera you want to view.
  5. After you have selected all the cameras, click inside the box and create a name for your camera group. Click OK.
  6. Click on the camera group.
  7. All the cameras are shown.

We hope this helps!

SOLVED: I had to set the correct region.

I have YI Home on Android, and paired Yi Dome 1080p (international version) camera, everything works with no problem.

I installed YI Home Camera for Windows, logged in with same user account as on Android, but the application says that I don’t have any camera paired with my phone.

What should I do?

@brainbug This is an individual case that our support team can look into. Your ticket has already been created, please email support@yitechnology and refer to ticket number 418283.

Yi Windows PC Beta is running great… I am now running 9 cameras, not sure why they keep pausing. is there a way to disable the pause and when a camera disconnects, I need to refresh it. Can there be a automatic refresh for the cameras instead of clicking on the cameras to connect.

can i use my yi camera to webcam on my computer?

@mmdhpan not possible to use YI cameras as webcams unfortunately

Works Great!!

Are we thinking of doing a ROKU app?

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@tresdad1016 I hear you on the Roku App however these guys appear to be uninterested in this option. I have brought it up in the past with almost zero interest in this and they left it to me to contact Roku and mention it to them!!!

Just downloaded and it’s working nice.

Hey @Mistic92 :wave: That’s great to hear. Thanks for the comment!