Battery not charging when hardwired to existing doorbell.

I purchased the Kami door bell because it said it can be hard wired to existing door bell for power. My mechanical chime works, and from previous post it says the hard wire should charge the battery to keep it working properly, my battery keeps going dead.

Hello @Pdbueker! Welcome to the forums!
Hardwiring the Kami Doorbell Camera to a mechanical chime doesn’t charge the battery. Instead, it keeps the charge of the battery so that it wouldn’t drain. You will see the battery is at a low level but it shouldn’t drain or die since it’s wired. However, if the battery drains or dies out it is possible the mechanical chime is not supported by the Kami Doorbell camera. I may suggest contacting the support team for them to check if the mechanical chime is on the tested/supported list. Send them an email at