Battery for Kami Door Bell

I am trying to find replacement batteries for our Kami Doorbell. I have searched the internet, went to electronic stores and no one can help me. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction to purchase a couple extra to keep charged since they need to be replaced often.

Thank you so much

Hello. You may be best to contact customer services for advice

Thank you! I have sent them a couple of requests for help with finding a battery and have heard nothing back. That is why I am reaching out to see if anyone else has purchased batteries for the doorbell.

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Hey @marcaroy We do not have a separate sku to buy a back up pack of batteries for the doorbell. Do you have the option to hardwire the doorbell camera? You won’t have this problem again if you hardwire the camera.

Hey there Steve_kami,

I unfortunately do not have the option to hardwire the doorbell. So there is not a place to purchase a new battery? What if the one I have to recharge all the time completely dies? Do I have to purchase an completely new unit? So bummed!!

Hey @marcaroy When and where did you purchase your Kami Doorbell?

I purchased through Amazon on April 24, 2021. So what happens when you need a replacement battery do to it running it’s life cycle?

Excellent question! These batteries are standard 18650 cells and will last a long time. We may offer a separate SKU for battery packs in the future but currently do not.