Ask the Community: Do you have a unique use for our sound/motion smart detection features?

Hello, Yi & Kami Community members! I hope you all are having a great week. I thought it would be fun to ask the community your thoughts on some of our camera’s cooler features. An idea inspired by community member @pyrozman29, who shared a little bit about his super unique use of our sound detection feature. Here’s what he shared…

One thing I use my newer cameras for with sound detection is to send alerts if my smoke alarm or security system is triggered. No more paying for monthly monitoring through the alarm company. I have a home camera 3 near each security system siren and all my smoke detectors are hard-wired together. Each of those cameras has a homemade battery backup as well as my wifi.

I thought this was an awesome idea. And, definitely a smart setup. So, it got me thinking of the different ways you could use our sound or motion smart detection to increase your home security.

So my question for the community is… Do you have any unique/outside the box setups you’ve come up with using our sound and/or motion detection features for your cameras?

Thanks ahead of time for sharing! I can’t wait to learn from your setups. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: I am using Yi Camera’s motion tracking feature to see where a RAT enters the Attic in our house and escapes!

I wish i could attach a video clip here!

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@Sanky that’s really cool! Thanks for sharing. Would you mind emailing the clip to me? Thats a unique use for sure!