App Support asap

Hi everyone i wanna know if i subscribe right now to see the 7 days of footage to record ALL movement will i be able to see the entire movement today? Someone egged my house and it only recorded 6 seconds of it and didn’t catch them actually doing it. Please help

Hey @vivianmamisss Thanks for coming to the forum for more info. Have you taken your free trial period yet? You can also start the free trial. Or, if you subscriber to monthly. grab the footage.

You should have the ability to play the entire clip of your detection

Yes, I actually did use the free trial. That’s why I was going to subscribe to it instead so if maybe I was able to watch the entire motion after that would be perfect. But I just wanted to make sure before I pay for the month that I’m for sure going to be able to replay it. Thanks for your response. :slight_smile:

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