App not working

I’ve got two cameras that are working fine, connected to the wifi correctly and is loading on my partners phone (I’ve shared the cameras too him). Recently when I use the app and tap onto the camera’s to view them, the app crashes and the cameras won’t load.

I’ve reset the camera’s and reconnected them to wifi, this has not helped.
I’ve also deleted the app from my phone, logged in again and downloaded the camera’s again, however this has not helped.

I’m really unsure of what else I can do to view the camera’s again as its honestly just not working.

please help :frowning:

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Tried Email support no one admitting that they is a problem
A lot off angry people out there shireking

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Thank you for your valuable input. We are working on ongoing improvements to the app. As we work to improve that app, please continue to share your feedback to make the app better for all. The newest update addresses many of the issues reported. Please update your app :slight_smile:

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How does one do that?
I don’t see any available updates in the App Store or in the app itself

Still rubbish not working needs fixing now

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I have the latest version and no improvement to any of the issues.
Honestly, if this isn’t fixed soon, I am going to cancel my cloud subscription and get a different brand of camera.
This update has the same dysfunctional features as the last update.
Yi/Kami needs to do testing with actual users of the product before rolling out these awful updates.

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When will this be fixed just rollback to the last one quickly

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Mine are the same! I have the iPhone 12 and the app crashes as soon as I press on a camera to view! My other half is android and doesn’t have the same problem as me.

When will this be fixed??

Mine is updated to latest version 5.0.1 and that’s when the problems started for me. App crashes as soon as I try to view one of my cameras

I’ve emailed too and they just keep telling me to update the app which I’ve made clear loads of times that it is up to date and then I don’t hear back from them again

I just hope someone has Put it on Facebook to highlight the problems no one is taking responsible for the update mess

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Hello all - we are working hard to fix the app and release updates as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

I have the same issue with the yi home app on version 5.0.1 on the iphone 10 device running ios 14.7.1 firmware.

When will this issue be resolved?

I’ve noticed yi has had this problem with yi home 4.6 version and now has been carried over to 5.0.1?

Is yi using its customers as test dummies?

Please Fix this issue Asap before me and others send our cameras back for a full refund as they currently are not fit for purpose and are not as described.