Anyone Using AutoHotKey With The PC CLient?

Anyone using Autohotkey to help keep the PC client from going into pause?
I have found taht a mouse move is not enough and also actually working on the PC is not enough if you don’t actively engage with the YI window.


@wirlybird The Windows desktop app is set to timeout after 30 min of inactivity. If you are actively using the app, the app should continue to function properly.

First off what is the point in it timing out? What is “actively using it”? It is for viewing live camera feeds. You watch it. There is no functional “actively using it”. It is not an app for productivity like Photoshop or Excel.
If you are using the app for surveillance/live stream then this is timing out is pointless. I have the 4 camera view set up to watch areas of interest. What could you possibly be doing with the app to keep it active? It is a surveillance app, you watch it!
Most every time it times out and goes to a paused state you generally have to restart the app to get it to reconnect. This is a real pain.

Someone should not have to babysit the app just to keep a live feed LIVE.

I have done a lot of testing with the app and the only way it seems to not time out is if you are changing cameras during the 30 minutes. This is the ONLY activity that seems to keep it active and is really counter-productive. Clicking on it, checking settings etc. has no effect on it timing out. Even doing an F5 refresh of the window does nothing.
Why would you give the app the ability to set up “groups” of cameras, classic surveillance setup, if the whole thing is just going to pause every 30 minutes?
It’s all very frustrating and a waste of time. Users should be given the option to set a time out if they are concerned about saving bandwidth but forcing it makes the app pretty useless.

Along with this is why don’t the apps for iPhone and Android time out? If there was a place for conserving bandwidth this would be it. Makes no sense.

Hey Chris, thanks for the feedback. I’ve complied your comments regarding the desktop app and hopefully these can be addressed in future updates.

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@wirlybird I addressed your concern in the ticket your created when you emailed our customer support.

Got it, thank you.
Disappointing about the timeout issue.

Hope someone has found a work-around for now.

It is really annoying to have to restart the PC app and re-log into the cameras every time it goes into pause mode.
I find it odd that only the PC app does this as my iPhone and Android do not.

Anyway, thanks.

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