Android 11, app don't find cam

I have Yi Action Camera, Model YDXJ01XY , firmware 1.5.12. I downloaded ‘sportscamera.apk’ and installed it on a new SAMSUNG Galaxy Note10 Lite, which just got the update to Android 11.
I get a wlan-connect with the phone (ip But the app is not able to find the cam, when it searchs.

I have also a Tablet (android 8.1), everything works fine.

Any Idee, how to get it working on the phone with Android 11?

Thank you

It is only an ‘action cam’ and the app is ‘Yi Action Kamera ver 3.9.3’.

I deinstalled, reinstalled, doesn’t help. The app has all permissions.

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We do not actually support firmware updates for this product anymore. I would recommend restoring this to factory settings and leaving it as factory settings. Then trying to add it to your new device
Here is a helpful article to help you restore to factory settings.