alerts not load

Hi my alerts have not been loading for a week off the cloud you used to be able have free 6 seconds alerts saved to the cloud.

It states video download failed switch to camera automatically

Latest software update and same error on both cameras

Hey @editkk8 Are you a cloud subscriber or no?

No i am not a cloud subscriber at present but it was saving 6seconds to the cloud until the other week

@editkk8 Intersting… When did you first create your account with us?

About 2 years. Have reset cameras and readded no joy. Still cannot open 6 second clips but i get alerts and they appear in the list.

Get the error when attempting to load the clips

@editkk8 Can you send me a screenshot of the error message you get when you try to view the clip?

Hopefully you can see the screenshot

Hey @editkk8 Thanks for the screenshots. What app is this? Are you on Android or iOS? Looks like Android.