Add new Yi Home Camera to Cloud service

I currently have 3 cameras active on a cloud subscription service. I just added a new camera with the iphone yihome app. The camera works fine but it has no option for adding it to the cloud except for doing a new subscription. How do I add the camera to an existing subscription?

Hey @macmiller welcome! :wave:

This article should help. If not please let me know!

Must be an issue for support. Seems like a very straightforward process to add a camera to the cloud service via the app, as there is a setting and then add function. The problem in my case is that when I go to the new camera to add it to the cloud it says ‘you do not have a cloud subscription, you must subscribe first’. So it won’t let me add the new camera to my current subscription.

Oh, I see now, went through the process again and got it working!!! Thanks for the help.

Great to hear :slight_smile: You’re very welcome @macmiller