Activity Zone problem: I want "ZONE ONLY" notifications, and zone is problematic!

Hi! Pretty happy with my new Yi home 1080 camera.
One issue though, is that I want to receive notifications when there is activity, but ONLY the activity inside of the Zone I created in the “Activity detection zone” panel.
Instead I am getting a notification anytime ANY activity occurs, DESPITE the fact that I have turned “person detection” to “Off”

I basically only want the camera to cover my computer keyboard area only, to make sure no one uses my computer, and I thought that the “zone” function would handle that. I don’t need any other notifications.
How can I set it up so I Only receive notifications when something crosses my ZONE?

Also: When I go to Modify my Zone, I only see black screen.
The very first time I used it I was able to see the camera feed, and adjust my zone appropriately. Now I can’t tell, because it is only letting me adjust the zone against a black background. What gives?

Hey @SchlomosBongos Thanks for your patience. I am sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your activity zone. A few questions to help point our team in the right direction.

What is your app version? Kami or Yi?
What operating system are you on? Android or iOS?
Have you recently tried to update your firmware?
What is your camera model?
If you pull up live-view first, then go to the activity zone, does this resolve the black screen issue?
Thanks for your help to get this resolved.