Activity Detection Zone Isse

Hi, I have just installed a Kami Outdoor Wired Camera. I want to set the activity detection area in the app but when I try to do this I’m not presented with the view from my camera (I see a shot of a living room.) I’m using an android mobile with the app.

Any help appreciated.



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Hey @jw6520 Thats frustrating! I am sorry to hear you’re having this issue. Can you do me a big favor? Please send a screenshot of the faux living room you see when you try to set an activity zone? And, a screenshot of your app Home Screen?

Do you also see the living room on your app Home Screen or do you see a thumbnail of your camera view?
Make sure your firmware and app version are up to date.

Looking forward to your response.

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That sounds like the stock image that comes with the Yi app before any changes are made or if the user cleared the local cache. When you go into love view what happens?

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Hi all,

Thanks for the responses. I tried the activity detection zone on my android mobile again and this now appears to be working as expected. Maybe restarting the app sorted things out?



Thanks for the feedback @jw6520 Could be. Let’s monitor for the next couple of days, make sure the zone you choose is all good. But, if anything comes up, let us know. Thanks for your patience and feedback while we worked together to figure this one out.

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I am having the same problem. I transferred my app to a new phone using the AT&T backup utility. But it won’t show a thumbnail from my camera on the camera list, and won’t show of view from my cameras when I go to change the activity Zone

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Can you go to your live feed first, make sure the image downloads fully, then go to test activity zone? Your image thumbnail should be accurate after this loading live feed fully first.

Now I get something different. I still have the stock living room view, but I get the message “Live View thumbnail needs to be generated. Go back to the live view to load it first” .
No matter how many times I look at the live view, I still get this message when trying to set my activity zone.

Hey @ScreaminScott Thanks for showing us this screenshot. Please go to your live view feed. Allow it to upload 100% then go to change your activity detection zone.

If this does not resolve the issue, please contact our support at

I have the same problem! No matter what I do, always the same view. Is it possible to contact support in German? My English is probably not good enough for that.


I assume you have gone into the camera and allowed the live view to fully download first? What you could try is to go into live view then exit live view, exit the application and try again via live view then settings.

If this does not work then I would ask you to clear any cache if possible and try again. If this fails then try to delete the application and reinstall it. You could try power cycling the camera as well.

If this doesn’t work please come back and discuss more.


Ich hoffe, die Übersetzung kommt richtig durch.


Ich nehme an, Sie sind in die Kamera gegangen und haben zugelassen, dass die Live-Ansicht zuerst vollständig heruntergeladen wird? Sie könnten versuchen, in die Live-Ansicht zu wechseln und dann die Live-Ansicht zu beenden, die Anwendung zu beenden und es erneut über die Live-Ansicht und dann über die Einstellungen zu versuchen.

Wenn dies nicht funktioniert, würde ich Sie bitten, wenn möglich alle Caches zu löschen und es erneut zu versuchen. Wenn dies fehlschlägt, versuchen Sie, die Anwendung zu löschen und neu zu installieren. Sie können auch versuchen, die Kamera aus- und wieder einzuschalten.

Wenn dies nicht funktioniert, kommen Sie bitte zurück und besprechen Sie mehr.

I’m new here, and I have a question,
Did @YorkshireUser 's good advice solve the problem?

My camera has the same one.
When I’m trying to set the activity detection zone. The first image was taken immediately after turning on the camera for the first time, appearing stubbornly.
And that of course is irrelevant.

I did everything except reinstalling the app.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hey friends,
I solved this issue for myself.
And I hope it’s going to be solved for you, also.
I removed the PIN protection, and then, the Activity detection zone setting, finely, worked!


Removing pin is the solution. Thank you.