Access Log Availability

Looking to find some type of access log for a shared camera. I know under share, the person shared with is there and there is a type of log listed. It does not seem to update with access though. Is there another location for logs>

Hey @zparnell Excellent question! You can go to your account menu by selecting the “Account” option from the bottom menu selection of your app home screen. Then, select notifications. This will have a detailed history of your logins. This is the only other log we have within the app.

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Ok, great. Thanks for the reply

After reviewing the above instructions, I see that log in information. It’s great for seeing account log in information, but not quite what I was looking for with access to a shared camera to another account.

ahhh I c. We do not show logs when someone you’ve shared your account with, logs in. That might be a little trickier and I don’t believe it to be something we are planning on introducing at this time. I will share your feedback with our team though.

Thanks for the feedback. Hope you’re having a lovely day :slight_smile: