ability to remote restart devices

Occasionally my cameras loose the ability to read from SD card since last update, this has me needing to go back to the power source and power cycle the devices which isnt always easy considering most of the wiring and connections is hidden / tucked away. The ability to restart the devices via the yi / kami app would be very helpful in times of malfunction.


This is an excellent suggestion. Added to my notes to forward to the product team. Thanks again Nat!

Have you thought about using a Wifi plug. Not the solution you have looked for but would give you the ability to restart the device

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This is a great advice from Brian. I have all my mains connected cameras (Yi and other brands) connected with smart plugs that link into my smart home system.

Using such, enables you to have even more control such as connecting with other automations / scenes etc.

However with single options - Many available as Brian states would offer a power recycle option.

Give it a go and see what you think. Granted it would mean an extra cost and extra app. But it could make your YI camera even smarter than it currently is.

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Nice idea Brian! I haven’t personally needed to power cycle a camera in a long time, but I could imaging this would be very useful for Nat and others.


I have tried different wifi plugs to power cycle my cameras , my issue is that the plugs weaken the wifi signal to my cameras and then it will not connect to the server. It would be a great help to be able if there was a way to connect the cameras to the same network without having to connect to the server to view real time. I have currently 22 cameras to view 24/7 as a surveillance system for my building. These cameras are very amazing and are very dependable. Unfortunately I have to constantly refresh cameras and reconnect them to be able to view them on my windows desktop computers.

Hey @Baylee First of all, thanks for the awesome feedback. Glad you’ve enjoyed the cameras. 22 puts you up with top contenders. Having the ability to connect to your own private network, would be super helpful but as always there is a lot to consider there. I will share your feedback though with our engineering team

Is this home/personal use or business?
Try connecting the cameras to the power source sent with the cameras and check the wifi connection on the cameras.

Are all 22 cameras connected to the same network?

Let me check with our team on wifi plugs that work with cameras. Maybe a community member can lend some advice as well.

Thanks for your patience and for coming to the community for assistance.
Let me know how connecting with our provided power source goes. I’ll be in touch when I get some feedback on wifi plugs.

Hope all is well.

Hello and thank you for the rapid response and your help and time in this matter. My camera system is on the same network running about 1150mbps through mesh of 6 pods. It is on a home network. It is about 4 cameras per pod and even the cameras that are next to pods are having to be refreshed running on both Yi and Kami Beta software for Windows 10. I do get different codes like 1003 and 1030? There are some other codes there as well that I need to refresh about every hour. Maybe there is a list of codes that I can troubleshoot? Thank you again for your time and help.

Hello. I find it interesting that wifi plugs used in conjunction with your cameras reduce the wifi strength. First time I have heard this.

I use them and don’t experience that.

What brand of wifi plugs are you using? Some of mine actually work as a strengthener to my signal.

The brand is gosund… The issue was whenever I plugged in to the camera adapter the camera stopped connecting on the windows computer. When I removed it the camera went back to working… I tried 2 other wifi brands and it was the same thing. I can only imagine that the signal strength was interrupted by the wifi plug. Maybe something else was going on but I’m unable to keep the camera working normal with the plug.

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When you say disconnected. Is that power wise or from the wifi network? It may be that the power plug doesn’t give enough power to power the camera. But that could be a long odd.

Can you try another device on the power plug and see what happens.

I use smartthings for my home automation and use a range of manufacturers and have never had one disconnect a device from the network.

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what brand of wifi plugs do you use @YorkshireUser?

@Baylee codes 1003, 1030 are presenting themselves where?

I have a mix of Samsung Smartthings. Lidl and Ikea.

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