ability to remote restart devices

Occasionally my cameras loose the ability to read from SD card since last update, this has me needing to go back to the power source and power cycle the devices which isnt always easy considering most of the wiring and connections is hidden / tucked away. The ability to restart the devices via the yi / kami app would be very helpful in times of malfunction.


This is an excellent suggestion. Added to my notes to forward to the product team. Thanks again Nat!

Have you thought about using a Wifi plug. Not the solution you have looked for but would give you the ability to restart the device

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This is a great advice from Brian. I have all my mains connected cameras (Yi and other brands) connected with smart plugs that link into my smart home system.

Using such, enables you to have even more control such as connecting with other automations / scenes etc.

However with single options - Many available as Brian states would offer a power recycle option.

Give it a go and see what you think. Granted it would mean an extra cost and extra app. But it could make your YI camera even smarter than it currently is.

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Nice idea Brian! I haven’t personally needed to power cycle a camera in a long time, but I could imaging this would be very useful for Nat and others.