A request for YI: can the desktop app NOT have password every time?

I have to hand type my password every time the YI app on my MacBook needs to be booted. Could the app save my password so that I could just open it and not have to type every time?



@Latin Unfortunately, we don’t have an option on the app to save your login password. This is due to security reasons. However, you can save the account email address by clicking the checkbox next to remember me. Please refer to the screenshot below.

On my MacBook, I have a popup that prompts me to click so that the password (saved) is a one click process. Can THAT be done for the home app? Right now, ‘remember me’ remembers my email address, but I have to type the password every time. Could this be implemented, if the option of password automatically added when clicking on the app is not possible (like, for example, when you open Facebook Messenger)?:

Hi @Latin, sorry but you have to do the password each time. Or you could try the QR code login method as I find it a bit quicker.

Maybe we are not talking about the same thing? I am talking about the app living on my mac… how will the qr code work?

Hey here’s how to login using the QR code method :slight_smile:

Click the QR code icon (shown in the red circle)

Then a QR code will appear

Then open your phone app, and in the discover tab press the ‘scan’ icon (shown in the red circle)

Then scan the QR code and press the login button

very cool, but I am hoping that on my mac, I could open the app and then my mac would prompt me to click in the mac’s icon to find my password in the keychain of the mac, and open the app. It seems poss for my bank, for photoshop, etc…

Got it. I’ve got a Windows computer so not used to that luxury haha. I’ll add your request to our product wish list sheet.

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Yeah, this is quite annoying, as I live alone and only access the PC app from my home computer. Being able to launch the app and be signed in would be key.


any progress on making the mac app on my MacBook pro act like others, allowing passwords to be ‘suggested’ from the password library internal to the mac?

Same wish here, please add “Remember Password” to the windows (PC) app, so i can run the app with windows-startup.

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Agree, ‘Remember Password’, or no password at all, on the Windows app is required to make Yi Home. I would purchase more cameras and the cloud subscription if it were easier to launch into Yi Home on my Windows PC.

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Thanks for the feedback @DaveO Always appreciate information from our users.

We do our best to accommodate all user generated feedback and incorporate it all into the product the best we can.

So, keep coming back to the forum for more information and to learn & share with others.

Thanks, again! Have a great rest of your day.

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+1 for this very basic feature. Please make this happen as I have a sitting mini PC as a surveillance dashboard only.
When can we see the light (or hope) for this feature?


If wishes were horses then beggars would ride. Old saying.

I started this a year ago, with no response or interest apparently from KAMI. Perhaps they do not look at these kinds of threads?

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Thanks for bringing to our attention again, @Latin Let me do some digging and see what I can find out. We have been heavily focused on imrpoving the mobile app, and will continue to make improvements to all our apps across on all different types of devices.

Can the desktop app NOT have a password every time? Macbook Pro. Can the password and username be saved in the other passwords on my Mac laptop?

+1, i’ll like to not type my password at each launch of the PC software.
PLEASE, put an option to " REMEMBER PASSWORD " !!

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Thank you all for your feedback. It is for security purposes but something we will look at for future improvements. Thank you for your patience.

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