A couple of questions regarding Wire-Free Outdoor Camera

I just got my first Kami camera (Wire-Free Outdoor Camera) yesterday and already got a few questions:

a) I’ve inserted a microSD card into the camera and it has formatted it successfully. Still all the videos/alerts claim “No video recorded to SD card on…” after pressing the “View on SD card”. Why won’t it record to SD? The same card has been in use on other cameras with success.

b) When I toggle on the live view the app tells me EVERY SINGLE TIME I’m on cellular data and charges may be incurred. I know and I don’t care. We have unlimited data in Finland so I’m not really interested in clicking that info box every time. There should be an option to disable that popup completely.

c) Where is the Download-button for videos? How do I download or share a recording?

I’ve been using/testing 4-5 different cameras (Arlo, eufy, Foscam, a couple of “cheapos”) and I do admit that the Kami one looks really promising.

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a) I formatted the card again and now the camera is recording to it.

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Thanks for the update @user12345
glad to hear a SD card reformat helped.

B) I would go into your settings on the phone and check to see if cell phone data is turned on.
C) Go to your Activity tab on the bottom menu selection when your in the app home page. You can download the videos directly from the activity tab.

We are glad to hear you’re enjoying your cameras. You have a lot of experience with other models so we are welcome to all feedback on how Kami can improve :slight_smile:



Regarding the B-part… Cell phone data is turned on (as it should be). The issue is that the app keeps warning me about using the cell phone data. I know I’m using it and I just want the warning to go away but it just keeps popping up.

Let me check with our team on this one. I don’t believe there is a way to force turn this option off. I’ll do a little research. What type of mobile device do you have?

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Thanks. Much appreciated. A “normal” phone, Sony Xperia ZX1 Compact (Android 9).

I think you can go to settings on your phone. In your phone settings, tap "wifi, Tap “menu” then, “Advanced”. Deselect “network notfications” to turn this OFF. Here is an article about how to turn of data usage alerts for your phone:


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Ah, good to know. I’ll try that. Thank you (and Merry Christmas)!

I have exactly the same problem as you, mine was working perfectly until the software update that stopped it recording,
My SD card has reformatted but will not record .

All my (SD card) recordings have now disappeared. No recordings on the cloud nor the SD.

Also, it seem the motion detection (even on highest sensitivity) won’t react to any animals. We have a 25-kg puppy who spends quite a lot of time outside but she doesn’t seem to trigger the motion detection on the camera. That’s a shame as I bought this camera for two purposes: a) to keep an eye on our dog and b) record videos of nightly visitors such as foxes and raccoon dogs.

So far the camera has failed to record any videos of animals while my other cameras have been able to catch multiple rabbits (and birds) lately.

Hey @user12345 can you give a little more details as to what happened? Are your cameras synced to the cloud account? Have you recently reformatted your SD card? Can you pull your SD card out and try to download the footage another way?

The recordings (at least some) are still there and the issue is with the app itself. It seems to depend on HOW I try to access the recordings. I’ll need to do some tests to see the functionality patterns (when it works, when it doesn’t etc.).

I had formatted the card at least twice on the camera and that hasn’t helped.

No cloud subscription (not even the free trial).

Keep us posted on your progress. Any info you can provide will be super helpful. Thanks for your patience. We appreciate your patience and thank you for your help.

So it happened again. I walked by the YI camera yesterday to clean some ice off another camera. I also went to my YI camera to see if it had any snow/ice on it and later started thinking that my phone didn’t actually get a notification about my doings.

I opened the app. No alerts. Pushed the Activity-button. Nothing. “No Activities Detected” on the screen. Change the date to yesterday. Nothing. No videos on any day.

Then went back to the Home screen and clicked on the Cloud-icon on the camera. No videos today. I first click on the SD-card and then the date and choose Jan 4th. Now it loads a recording. But there is no thumbnails anywhere nor I can choose the video I want to see (except from the timeline which isn’t that user-friendly as I don’t know how many videos there are from each day and what time they’ve been recorded).

I gotta admit I’m REALLY disappointed that the camera didn’t record me walking past the camera (with our dog following me) as we didn’t even approach the camera directly but went from left to right and the distance was maybe 3-5 meters. And it really should have picked up the part where I wiped the PIP sensor with my hand before heading back inside.

Btw, isn’t there a way to reboot the camera with the app? With some other cameras if they had issues with recording rebooting the camera sometimes helps. I can’t find a button for that in the Kami Home app.

Why is my motion detect quit working?