90 degree rotation

It would be very useful to have the software allow for a 90 degree rotation. This would allow the field of view to be rotated to capture a much wider ground to floor field of view for narrow tall areas. Currently the only rotation is 180 degrees and while I understand there may be black bars due to the aspect ratio, it should allow for user choice. While wide angle is useful in many locations, rotating that 90 degrees would be extremely useful in others. Please add this rotational ability.


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@petman2 Thank you for the input. We appreciate the feedback and we will use this input to help improve our app.

I too would greatly appreciate a 90 degree rotation option. Especially one that would preserve the enlarged view of the Yi IOT camera settings when closing and reopening the app. The 180 degree rotation could simply be changed to a 90 degree (either direction) rotation, such that using it twice would provide the 180 degree rotation. And this way I wouldn’t get so frustrated having to figure out how (once again) to achieve the proper landscape enlarged view when I select the Yi IOT app.

This would be a FIVE STAR enhancement to your software!