6 second clip not loading on iphone

Hey @Andyndippy Thanks for coming to the forum for more info. May I ask when you created your account with us?

Hi, I purchased a Y20 for my neighbour and set up her account today via the iOS app. She is experiencing a very similar issue. There are detection notifications as expected, but when you try to view a 6 second alert video you are prompted to get a Kami subscription. Selecting no to the subscription takes you back to the activity screen. Firmware and app are both latest version. I have the same camera but with the Android app registered last year and I don’t get the same issue. Thanks

Hello @cd173 This is by design. We have made changes to the function of the app. There was a cutoff date for those to be grandfathered in with 6 sec clips if you’re account as created before a certain date. Which it appears yours was. The new accounts only get access to the notification at this time. Was an internal decision. We do have a free trial period that your neighbor can take advatange of to see if cloud is something they enjoy. Thanks for your patience. I do apologize that I dont have a better answer for you at this time. Please let me know if you have any questions…

Let me send you a quick message with some tips.

From what I’ve experienced the 6 second clips are low res of 640x360 pixels so might be better to have an SD card so you can get higher resolution video from longer saved recordings. Seems to be a cool down period too, about 5 minutes on my Dome Guard but while there’s no notifications during this period, it’s still does record activity to SD card.

Don’t know if it works differently with cloud subscription.