4 Cameras not active apart from one

Hello to everyone from a very cold day in the UK👍,

I have 4 ip drone cameras, I have signed up for multiple camera monitoring, I picked the

“Up to 5 Cameras” Plan

I’ve added them all, they’re all working but only one of them will allow me to unblock the 6 sec limit to no limit, when I try to unblock another camera it takes me to “Purchasing your Plan” page been but I’m fully signed up,

Oh and I didn’t receive my free month, the payment was taken as soon as I signed up,

Does anyone know how to fix the camera plan problem? I’ve emailed support but haven’t heard back,

I’ve attached screenshots of what I get on 3 out of 4 off my cameras!
Screenshot_20210207-124114_YI Home|236x500

Hi. You look to have done everything you need to have done. The only thing I could think of is delete the app then reinstall it.

But what you’ve done looks correct.

Tagging in @Steven_Kami to see if he can help further. You may need to contact Yi support the details for such are below (I’d recommend email)

Support Email:support@yitechnology.com

UK Toll FREE Number +44 (0) 808 281 2452 Mon-Sat 3:00PM - 12:00AM (GMT)

Hey @Pompom Welcome to the community! You’ve come to the right place. And, cold day in the UK I am sure!

I am sorry to hear there is an issue with your cameras. We want all 5 of 5 added.

Can you visit our cloud account account access via this link here: https://cloud.yitechnology.com/#/login?

Enter the credentials for your cloud account, email & password & select the correct region then log in.

Try to add your cameras to your account from this link instead of the app.

Keep us posted! We will make sure we get to the bottom of this.

Hello @Steven_Kami
I have the same problem.
I have 4 camera and I bought a plan of 5 camera

But i can’t add or setup camera to my plans
None of my cameras appear

I tried from Yi Home and from the website here
ORDER # 2104250827462119199562

See video here

I think it’s a bug. I tried on Safari and Chrome. Same problem
Same problem on your app (YI Home) too

PS : I only managed once to make my cameras appear!
I selected them but there is no more.
I want to add a camera (that I just bought)

Thanks for your help

Let me send you a direct message to move this forward. Need a little info that doesn’t need to be shared on the forum :slight_smile: