24/7 Local Storage unable to access sections of Video

Hello Support!

I have multiple outdoor wifi cameras that are wired. I have a SD cards in each of them that record 24/7. The issue I am having is chunks of recorded time are missing from the SD card. These usually are at the time of a motion detection. Does anyone know how to fix this? My guess is the issue arises when the motion event is uploaded to the cloud and does not record it locally? I would like to still have the motion events and record everything locally. I do not need to upload anything to the cloud.

Hi @Jangle, Welcome to the community!
Motion Alerts shouldn’t affect the camera’s recording especially if you’re only using an SD card to save the videos. But just to test this issue, can you try disabling motion detection under the smart detection option? I would also recommend getting in touch with the support team for help regarding this issue. You can email them at support@yitechnology.com

Just to be clear, are you saying you took out the SD Card and checked the recordings or are just using the app?

Just using the app. I guess I could pull out the card and see if the full recording is on there. The part that is bothersome is that half of the 6 second playbacks that are suppose to go to the cloud do not load in the cloud tab. So I have sections of missing video when activity is happening that I cannot look at on either the cloud or the SD card. This Halloween, someone stole our candy bowl we had outside. When you watched the playback, you saw a bowl then it jumped to after the activity and there was no bowl.

Ty for the reply!

Thank you Alvin!

I will reach out to them.

Hopefully you get to see who took your bowl by reading the SD Card from a PC or other device. For me recordings are under the ‘record’ folder. Note that folders may be in UTC time and not local time. Oh wait, isn’t Halloween in October?, probably overwritten by now!