2 or my 3 cameras not showing in Google home

Hello guys I have 3 Yi cameras, all 3 working well in Yi home Android app but when I link my Yi home account in Google Home, it only shows 1 camera.

I found out that the 2 missing cameras are on firmware and the one available in Google Home is on FW

For the 3 cameras, Yi home app tells me there’s no new FW.

Any ideas ?


Hey @Dretre This one might be best handled by our support team. Please email support@kamihome.com or visit www.kamihome.com/contact. our support team are the “gate keepers” for FW. If you have already reached out to our support, please send me your ticket number and I will do whatever I can do push things along.

Thx Steven, i’ll do that

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Thanks. @Dretre Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. You can even send me your ticket number when assigned and I can track the progress to ensure all is moving forward