1080p with Ai+ firmware

On one of my cameras, It shows Firmware Version as and says that this is the current version. When I go to the yi Firmware download page to manually update other cameras, the current (and only) firmware version listed for this camera is Anyone know where I can get the… firmware? It’s not located on the yi Firmware download page.

Hello @chi_town60608, sorry to hear that you’ve encountered a problem with the firmware update. Did you get a pop-up on the application? We’ll communicate with our developers to have the firmware updated on our website.

No pop-up. I just know what the current version is because of the one camera I had connected. Couldn’t find the current firmware anywhere on YI website.

@chi_town60608, we’re sorry about this, we will communicate this with our developers to have it updated on the website. Once the device needs an update the application will show a pop-up message which you can access through the application.

Same here!!! My cameras no longer work and say they need to be updated with newer software. Then I have been trying to get a live person to help me and all i get are lame emails messages that say it doesn’t work with G5 and “just make your wifi G4 and you should be good”
Uh??? Shakin my head, what?
Can you expand on that?
…months later no working cameras and no worthwhile response or resolve.