1080p outdoor camera firmware

Hi there, I purchased 2 x of these cameras about a year ago, and they are on firmware, and it says this is the most up to date.

However, I purchased 2 more of the same camera just last week, and they came shipped with firmware I can’t update the older cameras to this firmware, nor can I find it on the website to download.

Am I missing something here?



It could be that the newer cameras are later hardware. Are you having any issues with your cameras? If not then I’d leave the firmware well and truly alone.

Hey @james79s The older models may not be completely compatible with the improvements made to firmware over time.

Are you having any specific problems with your cameras?

Hi, I have similar problem as James - I have one cam with new firmware and two with old one. The biggest issue is, that with the old firmware there is no human detection and all kind of flying bugs trigger the motion alert. With new firmware this doesn’t happen.


Thanks for the feedback @Gregorus. And, welcome to the community! We are glad to have you around.

Our team is always working hard to give the best experience possible. Part of that is making sure that firmware’s and older camera models don’t have problems.

When did you purchase the two older cameras?

Dear Steven,

I have purchased them couple of weeks ago, but the production date on both of them is 08.2020
The third one with new firmware is 04.2021


Interesting… Can you do me a favor and go into your settings for each of the 08.2020 models and sending me the ID number?

Go to settings for each camera, select “Camera Name”, And send us the “ID” number for both. If we have that number we can find out more information about the camera and see what we needs to be done.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding. I greatly appreciate it.

Dear Steven,

Here’s the ID of one of the older cams : 9CUSY6VSO2VTHD200319

The second one is not connected at the moment, but I can do it and send the number as well, if it helps.