1080p home camera security no video from 4am to 5am every morning

Hello, home camera video losses from 04.00 to 05.00 in the morning. Can someone else enter my account and stop the camera.Or can someone else add Facebook account and intervene?Motion detection records are cut at the same time. What should I do.

Hi @messo thank you for joining the forum.

The likely-hood that someone has control of your cameras is extremely low. The would have to have your username and password. If it would make you feel more secure you can change your password. You can also add a pin to your cameras as an extra measure of security.

As far as the cameras going offline at the same time every day makes me think that you may have accidentally turned on the schedule function in the app. Please check if the schedule setting has been enabled.



Thanks for your answer. The on-off function in the good home app makes me think a lot. I would feel comfortable without this feat Finally, when the modem is turned off, the SD card stops recording.

Hi Mesut, yes that is correct, the SD card playback cannot work if your router is off because the camera needs a WiFi connection.

Did you have scheduling enabled?