Yi PTZ Feature motion tracking

Hello. With the new PTZ camera it would be a really beneficial feature if that after motion tracking that the camera would return to a particular point or at least return to centre.

I find that if camera tracks a person from the main area to a particular point, it stays at that point, potentially missing footage from “the main” area.

If turn camera could return back to centre after tracking movement has ended I’d find this very useful. I think other cameras can do it and would expect it may be possible

It must not work then like the Dome tracking camera because what you ask for that does. I wonder if there is a setting in the app to modify that. Or it’s something that’s not in that model (yet). If not. A complete miss I would have thought because returning to the previous bookmarked place is a must.

It would be great with all the tracking camera devices if they could ‘track’ to a bookmark at a specific time as well.

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Hey @YorkshireUser @Brian The PTZ camera does not at this time have a setting to return back to its original position. (I know a little disappointing) but let me check in with the team on this one and find out what are plans are to improve.

Thanks for your patience!

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