Yi or Kami wifi plug

Might be worth considering a Wifiplug in the range of products. The cameras often fail to reconnect if internet signal is lost. Usually about 20% need to be plugged out and back in again.

One site I have 14 outdoor cameras, I’m 15 miles away, so if a camera goes offline I need to travel to resolve, which usually is solved with a reboot

I use 1 generic wifi plug with perhaps 2 or 3 cameras, if one goes down I can repower all 3.

Why delvelop a kami one? Well, the suggestion would be to be able to use with the kami or yi app


Hello @Brian, this is a good suggestion. We would be happy to relay this to our engineers for a potential future upgrade.
While there is no guarantee that this request will be implemented, we are constantly working on new software and hardware features to enhance your experience that will be helpful for the majority of our customers.

I agree… I also have 15 cameras and need to replug about 5. I have also considered purchasing wifi plugs so I don’t need to travel.

I have experienced this twice with a Yi Home 3 camera - once it happened while I was halfway around the world on vacation. At first I thought it was an issue with my router, because I had this particular cam on a different wi-fi network than my other cams (which were fine), being served by an old router I had. But I when I got home I realized that there was nothing wrong with the router and I had to cycle the power to the camera to get it to reconnect.

The second time it happened was after I had reconfigured my home network and all of the cameras were connected to the same wi-fi network.

I should also mention that both times this happened with the same camera - I have 8 other Home 3 cameras and I haven’t experienced this issue with the others. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not.

While using a smart plug is a solution, this should not be necessary - I hope that Yi engineers can spend a little time to investigate this serious issue and fix the underlying problem with the camera.

This only ever happens for me with cameras that lose connection. I have a couple of outdoor TP link access points at different locations. The control panel of this can show clearly the cameras that have the weakest connection to the wifi… usually due to obstruction or distance.

These are the ones that almost always cause issue

I have 2 YI Home camera 3 cameras, one in my patio and one in my living room and just yesterday my IP had an outage with knocked out my internet for quite awhile and when it came back on my patio camera re connected with no problem but my camera in my living room needed to be factory reset and reconnected. This is very frustrating as this happens all the time. Both cameras are connected to the same wifi network 2g. Is there any way to stop this from happening? Thanks for any reply.


Which camera is closest to the router?

If you log into your router and list of connected devices you will usually see a visual indicator of signal strength to each device.

Weak unstable signal is usually the cause

Good idea what @Brian suggests. What you could also try is — move the problematic YI 3 next to the one that’s working without issue. Get the problematic one working in that location. Leave it a few hours ensure it’s working fine then simulate a loss of internet by rebooting the internet modem router. Doing a planned loss of connection could help you identify if it’s the camera that’s an issue or the location of it.

Also you could go ahead and reset the problematic camera it could be you have a gremlin in it and a reset could clear it. It does mean getting rid of Gizmo but it’s a Gizmo you don’t need if it is causing your camera to go offline following an unplanned and ungraceful shut down.

Ironically, the camera that exhibits this issue also happens to be the one that is closest to the router (they are in the same room).

@yi-haw really helpful suggestions from @YorkshireUser. This could help you troubleshoot and diagnose the issue. If this does not help, let me know and I will work with our support staff to get this fixed for you.