Yi Home Record to NAS

I saw Xiaomi CCTV able record to NAS, can we have similar feature ?
the hardware looks similar, i have Yi Dome 720p version

I think it’s related to RTSP protocol support. Unfortunately Yi or Kami’s devices doesn’t support RTSP but they should do in the future. I suppose it is related also to more security applying end-to-end encryption by app than to use stream over that protocol.

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I was wondering if there will be an update soon to the Firmware so that there will be either Onvif or RTSP connection available?

This would be an excellent option. Whether this would be ‘allowed’ by the manufacturer given the paid-for cloud option

But what a great idea this could be either saving to a local NAS or maybe even cloud Storage from the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft.

But at the price point of the cameras on offer by YI guess not too much premium offering should be expected.

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