Wireless camera batteries

Hello can anyone help me with my ongoing problem with these wireless camera batteries
Tech support is no help to me. These batteries are only last 4-6 days They should last 4-6 months what is going on?
And these cameras alerts keeps going off 12-16 times per day with shown no people.
Is there something that I am doing wrong?

Hey @Anthony welcome to the forum! Thanks for coming to find out more about your cameras.

Are you using our battery powered outdoor camera? or Doorbell?
You can adjust your alert frequency and sensitivity. I recommend going into your camera settings and adjusting both settings.
Also, camera placement is huge. Have you tested any different camera placements to get your desired results?

A couple of links to help you understand the optimal placement of an external camera.


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Hi, must agree the wireless camera battery will not last for months if it it triggered frequently.

Did you charge it correctly? I have one and it’s great for low triggers.

Battery-powered cameras are great for certain situations and those who dont have a good placement for a wired camera. Keep in mind with battery-powered cameras, we do our best to keep the battery life lasting as long as possible with cool down periods and the ability to control alert frequency and sensitivity. I do recommend playing with camera placement and alert settings such as frequency and sensitivity. Test, test, test.

Hello. The same thing happened to me until I discovered by measuring with a tester that in one of the batteries the total charge was lower than the others and it discharged quickly, I replaced that battery and the problem was solved

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Glad to hear it @curtis ! excellent feedback and could be super helpful for other community members