Windows 10 application | Video quality Issue and no Pan/Tilt Control

Hay there
I have today 5 cameras of yi company
the true i really like the quality of cameras but i have a question today i use
The yi app on my samsung galaxy and quality is real good but in my win 10 i use your software and quality is different from app to pc is really different and not looks same quality.
Another bug i found on pc software
In phone app i can move camera 360
But in pc there is not button to move my yi dome u camera and in yi dome x the button is Exists so i try to find the button in pc there is no joystick that i can move the camera write and left so please if you have another software to win 10

Hello this is where you can download the software -

  • if this is where you downloaded it from then it could be the features are not present in the Windows app like with the mobile device app.

Is there any update about this matter ? I was going to buy 1, but have to hold because of this problem.