why not have a fast forward feature

I have 4 yi outdoor cameras around my home, i did have them set on 24 hr recording, but realised how long it takes to go thru them for a day, so now switched to event recording, which on my sd card, sometimes does not capture all the event. So, how about having a fast forward feature, at least 8x or more, this would be so useful and save a lot of time.

We appreciate you suggestion.
The option to switch from CVR (24 hour recording) can be found under the camera settings > SD Card Recording Mode, select Record Detected Activity.
With regards to the playback speed, it actually depends on the camera model and chipset if the option is supported.
But to access the playback speed, you need to tap on the video screen and then you will see the option ‘Speed’, it will give x4 or x8. Some camera models even have up to x32 playback speed.

Attaching an image for your reference. I hope this helps.

Thank you.
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Why can’t this be supported in the software? The recordings are already saved on the SD card. It only needs software to fast forward.