The Company has changed

I have been with YI for many years and satisfied with their service and products. I have 13 cameras in two different locations separated by 700 miles. Recently after a app upgrade I lost the ability to view the distant ones. I have tried contacting both YI and Kami and I get suggestions to reboot the cameras not working. REALLY? I am 700 miles from them. Without good support the cameras and app are useless. I suggest you may want to find a different vendor for security cameras and app. The company and support have changed.


Hi, we would like to know the details of the problem you mentioned. Please reach out to us on the email listed below so our customer support can help you out:

I resolved the issue without and in spite of your companies assistance. The VPN knocked out my ability to see what the security cameras were seeing. I stand by my words. Your company changed and I will not be buying any more of your products and will tell others of my troubles. I have sent numerous messages to your company and all they want me to do is to delete everything and start over. I am 700 miles away from my cameras there impossible to do. You seemed to have lost the ability or care to resolve your customers issues. That is usually the downfall of the company. Good luck, you need it.

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You’re not alone. I have had two cameras just stop working on me in less than a year. So frustrating. When I contact support they tell you the same song and dance to “try to reboot” then say “if you pay for a subscription we will send you a new camera” because me having memory cards aren’t good enough for them and why would they replace a camera that stops working smh the first one I had not even a week, followed motion all that good stuff, it was mounted on my wall and just stopped turning on. so they “got me” I paid for the subscription to get a “replacement” camera and it was the kami mini which does NOT follow motion and wasn’t even worth half the value of the original one I had paid for. Then that one, months later, has now died. This one is taped down In my living room so it doesn’t get knocked over or anything like that literally none BUT ME touch it and I only touched it to reboot it when that would actually “fix” the issue so it’s not wear and tear or any crap like that. I have two cameras outside that I’ve had for years now (different kinds of cameras) that work great still so it has to be the brand or something. Even the other ones I have in the house work fine still but you’d think the ones that are out in the weather would die quicker than any others. Shoot one of them aren’t even supposed to be exposed to the weather like that and it’s still kicking lol it’s a trooper. :joy: Sorry for the story lol just letting you know you’re definitely not alone in these feelings with customer service here.

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It seems when anything that is good and working they find a cheaper way of making it and it becomes crap. I have 13 cameras total at two different locations, 700 miles apart so I can watch my property for security issues. (and watch the scenery at the lake house). If the cameras and system is not going to work well then I need to find better ones. I never had issues with YI, Kami is a different story. I did find what was blocking my cameras in one location. I FOUND THE PROBLEM, THEY DIDN’T. I was on a VPN network which never gave me problems before but it did after the app updated. I understand equipment failure, but customer service failure is inexcusable.

Totally agree with you… Like you until recently I had been using multiple security cameras for the past few years.
Initially everything was great. Good cameras, great software and a decent support network.
However, over time things changed:- I became frustrated on many an occasion with changes to the software mostly designed to push you into a cloud service but in doing so it rendered the software unusable. This became an often issue and support flagged to non operable… Probably due to the amount of users experiencing issues.
Despite multiple warnings to the company I would leave nothing changed but continued to become worse.
In the end I purchased multiple cameras from Tapo and have been over the moon with both the hardware and software. Support is superb and no nagging me to use a cloud service.

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