Sound not being heard

I can hear what’s happening but I cannot be heard? Any ideas anyone please🙏

Thanks for coming to the community @Afuller! I am sorry to hear you’re having sound troubles.

From what you describe it seems to be a setting issue.

Please open your app, select the camera you that has 2-way audio turned off, then select settings. From the selection menu, tap on “Camera Settings” then toggle your Camera Microphone to on.

That would be the first place to start. Please let me know how it goes!

Have a great rest of the day!

Done that, the setting reverts to intercom

Hello. From the camera settings to enable two way communication via audio simultaneously you need to change the function to ‘Hand-free’ within the Call Mode option.

See the screen grab.

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Perfect! Hands Free allows for simultaneous communication. it can be confusing sometimes knowing when its your turn to talk! :crazy_face: Things can be missed.

@Afuller Please let us know how this goes :slight_smile: