Sent few emails - no response

I have sent an email to support @ Yi Technology and received no responds. I’m asking for an replacement camera since my 1st camera has no power and a day before notice the camera was offline few times and then the next day it was offline permanently and inspected the camera believes it’s the defective internal power.

Hello if the camera is still in warranty (usually one year) then approach your retailer. If that was Yi/Kami then you have done the right thing.

If you can post your Customer Service reference to this thread @Steven_Kami may be able to chase this up.

As a side point. When you say you’ve inspected the camera I assume you haven’t opened up the casing of the camera? That could likely invalidate the warranty.

No, I have not inspected and opened the casing… I believe it is the internal power source which wasn’t functioning right. So I will go ahead and send to @Steven_Kami now. Thanks for assistance.

@Steven_Kami Camera needs an replacement was used less than 24 hours and the camera no longer working so I believe there is an internal power issues which keeps the camera offline permanently. The camera was purchased through Facebook and I do have Order details in hand. Let me know when you ready to contact me directly