Outdoor Night vision needed update

There seriously has to be a way to update this camera that very little bug that flies by for a nano second doesn’t trip an alert. I have to turn off alerts at night because I get 300 alerts. At night is when I want to be alerted the most that someone is outside or around my car. But every little bug that is attracted to the IR light sets off an alert. They appear as a flag / streak for less than a second. But it activates an alert.

Hi Capturedid, thanks for joining the forum! We’re constantly improving our motion detection systems but bugs are definitely a challenge for outdoor security cameras. I can see how this is annoying given your use-case. I would suggest please emailing our customer support team at support@yitechnology.com to further address this issue and we’ll try to resolve the matter. Please refer with ticket #430838. Thanks!

I have the same issue, sort of, but I don’t get as many false alerts and only get about 20 at night due to bugs flying in front of the camera. I never noticed how often my security lights are triggered during the night until I got this camera btw! I wonder if the bugs are triggering the security lights coming on as well and I’d be interested to know if others have this issue. The night vision works so well on the Wireless Camera I might just shut down the security light.

Hi Gary. Thanks for your post! I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying your Kami Wire-Free Outdoor. The night vision is excellent, especially considering it’s a battery-powered camera.

Depending on what type of motion sensor your security light has, if an insect gets close enough it could potentially set it off. You could try and lower the sensitivity of your lights motion sensor if possible and see if that helps.