New app is nice but updates are needed!

I like the layout of the new app (my android phone updated during the night) but updates are needed…

  1. I have to select the SD card icon to see my motion video saves, this should be saved as my default. instead it goes back to cloud.
  2. everytime I do hit SD card it jumps to 12am or 3am for some reason
  3. when I hit the live button it should jump to the current day and time. Now it is jumping to 12am or 3am
  4. when I touch the video playback screen a pause symbol comes up, but nothing pauses. Not sure of the purpose.
  5. even when I stay on the screen and switch from SD card, to cloud and back to sd card, it jumps to 12am or 3am
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Hello @klturley Thank you for the incredible feedback. We truly appreciate your kind words and suggestions for improvement.

We value our community. Your feedback is important as it helps us create a better app for all to enjoy. We are aware of the issues with video playback and are actively working on a fix. Please check back in 48 hours for an update. Thank you for all your support and patience.

Got to get better should also show the time as well all ways problems when updates released no proper testing

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iPad has just been updated what a load off —— needs sorting out quickly

also, i have 128gb sd card which last up to 6 days but now i can only view 3 days of continous recording.and please show the time and date so we will know which date and time we are currently viewing. kudos for the layout.very neat.

I can’t go to full screen at all! I can barely see the camera view

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I have the same problem as Pantara. (No full screen)

Hello All! Fullscreen is still available! Follow this link to learn more about the new UI

We are continually working to improve the app. Thank you for the kind feedback! Stick with us while we improve and make updates.

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how about SD card limit.mine is 128gb and last for 6 only 3 days is available. full screen is available but you cant rewind or forward.

These are things we are working to improve in the next release. Adding the timeline back to fullscreen mode is a major one that will be back soon.