Need 9 camera view on Android app please.

Please add 9 camera view to your Android app like it is on your windows app. I’ve been using the android app for live view and it is awesome. When I use the windows beta the live view always has trouble staying live. I have 22 Yi and Kami cameras that are used for my building and need to view them at all times. They work amazing but I’m limited to the 4 cameras at a time. Keep up the great work guys. Thanks.

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Hi. Thanks for your suggestion and your usage of Yi/Kami cameras. You have some set up there with 20+ devices. Way to go you.

In regards to using the multiple live view I do know that this is something limited to those on premium cloud subscription with Yi/Kami and I think at the moment it is for four cameras concurrent.

What I’d suggest is to email Yi Support with your suggestion and see if they can help you further.


@Steven_Kami may also be able to comment further.

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Hey @Baylee Thanks for the suggestion! And, thanks jumping in YorkShire!

Baylee - at this time, the PC app allows for 9 camera views while the app only allows for 4. It’s more for a clarity issue than anything.

We do our best to accommodate all our users requests and I will add this to our feedback sheet for future thought by the engineering team.

I hope you’re having a great day so far. Thank you so much for the kind words! We are glad that you’re enjoying our cameras. We plan continually improving features and our cameras.


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Thank you for your time and quick response. We use 43 inch displays on both the pc and Android devices. Hopefully in the future we will have a 9 camera view on Android. Thanks for your awesome work guys and girls at Kami and Yi!

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I would really like to have the 9 camera view on the android app, I’ve been samsung dex to view the feeds and it works really well. I have 22 Yi and Kami cameras and I just purchased 2 more for my building and not having much luck with the windows beta version due to the feeds unable to view without refreshing. The Android app does not have any problems refreshing automatically. Thank you for your time and help.

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Thanks for the feedback @Baylee ! We will keep that in mind. And, always do our best to improve the app and make sure our users have the best experience possible!

Many thanks! Hope youre having a lovely day

@Baylee Any advice on Samsung Dex use with the app, I hadn’t thought if trying that and my Samsung SmartShare has been glitchy at times when casting. I’ve got the same need for 9 camera viewing, currently I use two PCs for that but they disconnect constantly and are quite glitchy.

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We still need 9 camera view on Android app. I believe that it will be a great help for those who have many cameras. I have well over 20 cameras and use the android app and casting them on my 5 tvs. I need to get more views on the tvs instead of purchasing more tvs. Please please please help us with this one. Thanks again for everyone involved with making these cameras awesome.

We are still waiting for a 9 camera view on Android app… We are getting new cameras and don’t want to have to purchase a new TV to view them on… Please please please… Maybe for Xmas?

I’d say you’re definitely in need! Are you a current cloud subscriber?

I currently have 5 subscriptions for 25 cameras

Right now we have 12 cameras on 3 tvs… If you were to add the 9 camera view on Android app we would be able to view all of the 25 cameras on the 3 tvs instead of purchasing a new TV to view only 16 of the 25 cameras we have right now and will want to extend our system to 27 cameras. We have tried the windows beta but need to constantly refresh the cameras when using the android app they automatically refresh and never have a problem with viewing them live.