Multiple motion detection areas

Are there any plans to be able to select multiple motion detection areas on one screen? Currently the only option is to select one area by dragging the box to select your area to be monitored. I know on other cameras the ability to create multiple areas that are separate from one another on the same screen is available. Do you have plans to make that feature available on the Yi cameras?


Hi @CherylBuc, Iā€™m not sure if that feature is in the works or not, but it would definitely be a great addition. I will add that to our product wish-list sheet and pass it on to the product team. Thank you for the suggestion!

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This would be a great enhancement to the current format. Being able to freehand draw your multiple custom zones would be a feature most welcomed imo. Blackout exclusion zones would be good too for anyone with privacy concerns. These might be achievable with firmware updates perhaps.