Motion/Sound detection areas highlighted in 24/7 recording timeline

I would love for the motion/sound detection times to be highlighted on the 24/7 timeline bar to quickly locate important times of the day. Also would like when dragging along the timeline to have the video playback be active allow for time lapse like feature, again to find motion events quickly. Could this be supported? Thanks.

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Hi Chad, thank you for joining the forum! Great first post! I think these are excellent suggestions and I will definitely share them with the product team.

Just to clarify for others reading this post. Chad is referring to the SD card playback timeline bar.

Thanks Chad! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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Thanks for the response, just wanted to follow up and see how often these product team discussions happen and if we would be notified if they would be starting to implement any updates?

Hey Chad we have weekly discussions and the feedback we get from everyone here in the forum definitely plays a big part in that. For any major changes to the app I’ll create a new thread in the YI and Kami News section of the forum.

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Curious if this got any traction from the product team. Thank.

Hey Chad! I actually haven’t heard anything about this. I think everyone is pretty tied up with the Doorbell, Kami Mini launches. But I’ve made a note of your feedback and if I see any discussions regarding app improvements I’ll definitely put your ideas forward!