Motion detection area

Currently you can choose to have motion detection on the Yi and Kami outdoor wired. This can be highlighted in a square or rectangle.

What I would really really love if it were more flexible. I. Not sure if the technology is capable but see image for example below.

I only want alerts if someone is on the the driveway. In order to cover a good portion of the driveway now I have to highlight most of the screen and the problem with this is that it creates more alerts due to the fact that the trees and hedge when the wind blows shakes the branches and creates false alerts. Being able to highlight just the road would create less false alerts and have a better motion detection experience

Hey @Brian, I also think this would be a significant improvement in the reliability of the motion detection alerts. Thanks for the post! I’ll pass this along to the product team.

Also maybe select more than 1 area will be better
and maybe easy for developer

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Yes! I agree. Good call!

This would be a useful idea multiple active zones. Much like how Canary cameras work with multiple flexible zones.

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This is so needed, I live on a main road and my alerts go off all the time. It also draining my battery so if I could set a motion detection area this would not only make the camera even better but would extend my battery life.

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