Loud clicking when switching between Standard Lens and IR

I find it hard to believe this continues to be a “highly” rated product when a major issue has not been addressed. The LOUD clicking when the sun rises or light comes in the room several times (despite IR on or off) is unacceptable. I can’t believe this issue has not been properly addressed. I would like to know if I have something wrong with my cameras (I have two), or just something inherent to the product. I read a post where this clicking is normal, I just can’t see that, it is quite loud and basically a morning alarm (over and over again). Any ideas how to correct? Thank you for comments or ideas.

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I have the same issue. There is no way to control the sensitivity of the night vision or to turn it on or off manually. As the light shifts it switches back and forth every few seconds. If I walk into a dark room at night and turn a light on it does the same thing. There needs to be more control over how the night vision works, and not just an all or nothing setting that we cannot have any control over.


@Bigbser @jpaul311 We completely understand your frustrations. This has been something we are currently working on improving.

I think it’s a good idea to allow more control over how the night vision works. Or add some sort of settings menu specifically for Night Vision.

I will make sure to pass this along.

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