Kami security kit

Hi Yi, Kami team,

I have 10 Yi cameras installed in my home for security reasons. I think they are working great, so I decided to buy Kami Security Kit, to control everything in the same app, because I was quite happy with yi app.

I configured 6 door sensors, two motion sensors and two control bases. They work as expected, and the system notify to my mobile more or less ok. The main problem is that the Base alarm sound is ridiculously quiet. I can speak at a normal tone louder than the base alarm, so of course, that alarm will not persuade an intruder to leave my property, and neither will alarm anyone in the neighborhood.

Then, or I have the phone all the time in my hand to check if I recieved any notification or the security kit is useless.

I was wondering if there is going to be a release of a siren that could be pair with this base. A solar siren compatible with the base that can have 120db alarm would be great, or at least a way to pair another existing one easily, allowing the user choose if they want the base alarm, or solar siren, both or none.

Moreover I have seen that in Kami or yi app only one button can be configured to arm or disarm all cameras and security sensors. It would be great to have the option to configure as many switch’s buttons as you can. One only for door sensors, another for interior cameras, another for outdoor cameras,… Etc.

There is a way of improvement there in the app, but the solar siren should be a MUST in my opinion, to provide the Security Kit a complete meaning, if not is half useless.

I am very happy with the quality of the products of this brand, it is because of that I spent some time to leave here my thoughts, that I would like to be helpful somehow.

Keep the good work. Regards.

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Hi Josemic, welcome to the forum! Great first post! Ten cameras plus the security kit! Wow! I would love to see a some pictures of this setup :grin:

So I know for sure that we are looking into solar technology for future products, but I’m not sure about a solar alarm. It sounds like a great idea though.

Let me check with my team and get back to you in a tick about that.

Hey Josemic, so it doesn’t look like there is anything in the design phase for a solar siren, but I have added it to our product request sheet.

Even if not solar but an external chirp/speaker/siren to give a doorbell like ding when there is an activation. I would buy two, one for each side of the house so could investigate what has caused the trigger event.

Thanks for the feedback Nat! Noted and shared with the team :writing_hand: