Issue on YI Dome Camera 1080p

I bought 2 years ago 2 Yi Dome 1080p cameras.
One of them works perfectly but the second one doesn’t work anymore since several months after having worked perfectly.
Despite several Resets I can’t access it anymore.
I manage to scan the QR Code, and get the “wifi is connecting”, but then the video is not displayed (as if I could not pair the camera) and I have a message after 2 minutes that invites me to do a reset (Fail to load, please reset the camera). I did the test with smartphone and PC but nothing works.
How to solve this problem ? Maybe an update somewhere ? or a problem of wifi 5G settings ?
What surprises me is that the second one still works?
Thank you for your help because I despair.

Hey Vincent - Thanks for coming to the community forum for more info. I am sorry to hear 1 of your cameras isn’t working after a couple years of success. Here, this is a really unique suggestion for pairing time out issues or inability to pair

Pairing Time Out Resolution

Can you give this a try and see if it makes an impact? If this doesn’t solve your issue, let me know and I will be able to make a recommendation based on the results.

Many thanks for your patience and understanding. We really appreciate your support.

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