Improve yi technology app

Good day all
I purchased 4 wifi ptz camera and sorry to say that , unfortunately it was yi iot app yes i gave that app 1 star from 10
Very weak very simple very few options
1- the app not have a detection zone even if i put the detection sensitive to the low at night time every 5 min it send a false alert and nothing there
2- motion alarm is very simple and only for 3 second without any ability to change the time of alarm the sound of alarm or manual push send alarm
3-there are no any option for SD storage management
4- it will be great app if you can make it to be able to record a timelapse video with options to choose the fps
That it record
5- every users can have a problem using an app each has different problems , it is good if you add one click to send issue to help center or to technical team
6- it is better to add option to control the motion detection by size or by person or car some big object not a tree or flies at night , i has more then 100 notification last night all are false

Those points that i mentioned above are the minimum and most of them are included in icsee app
Please try to make big update if you want to improve the app

Thank you all the best